My Conti Benefits Portal

  • Existing users can log in with a username and password
  • New users can begin the account registration process
  • Benefits Support Center can be reached by phone

Both getting registered for next year’s benefits and managing this year’s benefits are very important functions of any employee benefits portal.  However, once the former has been successfully taken care of the latter becomes the main focus of most employees.  My Conti Benefits portal users who need to manage current 2018 benefits can gain quick access by entering a username and account password before clicking the Login button.  Please note that users who have forgotten an account password must enter a username to confirm their identity and begin the reset process.  In the event that an employee can’t come up with a username, it will be necessary to enter a role that best describes who they are before beginning the account recovery process (Member, Benefits Administrator, Agent, Carrier Representative, or Vista Administrator).  Users who abruptly recall a My Conti Benefits portal username or password while in the middle of the recovery process can click the Cancel button to back out and return to the login screen.

Wait a sec…I’m a bit confused about what role best describes me……

  • Member – An individual with permission to manage their own enrollment in benefits
  • Benefits Administrator – An HR representative designated to manage benefit enrollment
  • Agent – The designated representative from the agency supporting benefit enrollment
  • Vista Administrator – Those described as having this role are Benefitfocus employees
  • Carrier Representative – An insurance carrier representative handling the enrollment

Employees who have yet to set up a My Conti Benefits portal account can begin by entering a Company Key, Social Security Number, and date of birth before clicking the Continue button to proceed with the registration process.  Those who don’t already have a Company Key are encouraged to contact their Benefits Administrator for further assistance with the account registration.  Questions about the benefits enrollment or management processes can be addressed by calling the My Conti Benefits Support Center between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM Central Time Monday Through Friday (safe to say more invigorating things can be found to do on the weekends!).