Taking the AAA RQ (Renewal Questionnaire)

  • Information from the questionnaire must be entered
  • Account login and registration are both available
  • Roadside assistance is available over the phone

When it comes time to renew something one is often encountered with a few questions.  AAA customers who have received a Renewal Questionnaire can get started with the answering by hopping on the internet and surfing over to the AAA RQ page.  Once on the page, a policy number, last name, and date of birth must be entered into the blank fields before clicking the Complete Questionnaire button (see the sample posted below).  Customers who want to log in to an online account can click the Sign In button posted at the top of the AAA RQ page and enter a username along with a password.  Those who are drawing a blank when it comes to an account password can enter a username and zip code to be emailed a link to create a new one.  Customers who are coming up short on remembering a username will need to enter their 16-digit Membership Number to complete the retrieval process (an image of an AAA card is posted showing the Membership Number circled in red).

A Brief yet Informative Glance at AAA

  • Origins of the company date back to 1902 when The Automobile Club of Saint Louis was founded
  • Emergency roadside assistance was first established in 1915 by 5 motorcycle-mounted mechanics
  • Harry S. Truman was once a salesman for AAA before going on to become the United States president

Those who are looking to sign up for AAA services can click the Join button at the top of the AAA RQ page to view 3 levels of membership (Classic for $58, AAA Plus for $85, and AAA Premier for $110).  Once a membership level is decided on the Select button can be tapped to proceed with the registration process.  Those who are currently stuck out on the road wondering how on earth they are going to get help may want to try calling AAA Roadside Assistance.