Get Ready to Train with Mable! (Here’s How)

  • First-time users can activate an account online
  • Employees can save credentials for future use
  • The portal provides a password reset tool

Sometimes the most convenient (and most cost-effective some may suggest) way for a company to get its employees ready for the live action of a typical workday is by using an online training program.  For example, Mitchell & Butler employees can now receive job-related training by taking advantage of the Train with Mable portal.  After the shock of being greeted by a photo of a wholesome grandma wearing boxing gloves wears off (she appears ready and able to use them), employees can enter a password to log in.  Meanwhile, those who plan on coming back often can click the Keep Me Signed In the box for an expedited login process.  In the event, an employee forgets their Train with Mable portal password they can click the Reset Your Password link and complete the 3-step reset process.

A Look at Mitchells & Butlers

  • The company operates around 1,700 restaurants and pubs located across the UK
  • Brands include (but are not limited to) Browns, Oak Tree, Ember Inns, and Vintage Inns
  • The company is one of the largest employers in the UK with over 44,000 employees
  • Origins of the company date back to 1898 when 2 Midlands families joined forces

Those who have yet to register for online access to the Train with Mable portal can do so by clicking the Activate Your Account (identification, verification, and password).  By the way, employees can search for new job openings with Mitchells & Butlers by following the instructions provided on the MB Careers and Jobs page.

Reasons to Train with Mable

  • Confidence – Something that many managers look for in today’s business world
  • Comradery – Talk with your co-workers about the highs (and lows) of the training
  • Compatibility – Know that the training received will come in handy while on the job

Mitchells & Butlers is a hospitality industry behemoth that operates throughout the United Kingdom and Germany.  The company trades publicly on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol MAB.L.  In addition to hospitality, Mitchells & Butlers also dabble in industries such as leisure retailing and real estate (not to mention the company also operates as a healthcare trustee!)  Individuals with questions for Mitchells & Butlers can try reaching the company by mail, phone, or fax (a simple phone call might be the fastest and easiest way to send an inquiry).