Walmart & Capital One:  Activate Your Card

  • You can either sign in or enroll to begin your card activation
  • If you need to enroll you’ll have to sign up for a Capital One account
  • Customers who already have an existing Capital One account can sign in
  • Go to to begin either process

In case you haven’t gotten the memo, Walmart & Capital One have joined forces.  The result is a brand-spanking new Walmart card.  However, a transition like this can also result in some consumer confusion.  For instance, many customers will need to sign up for a Capital One account to begin using the card.  If you’re one of these folks, there’s no need to worry (the process is EASY).

Signing Up For Capital One to Activate Your Walmart Card

  • Start by providing some basic info to help Capital One find you in the system
  • Next, click the Find Me button to proceed (you can enroll once you’re located)
  • If you have issues with enrollment try clicking the live chat link for help
  • Tip of the day:  make sure your information is correct before searching!

As we discussed early, you don’t have to enroll if you already have a Capital One account.  If you’re one of the lucky ducks who can bypass this step, simply click the sign-in button to access your account.  Once logged in, you can proceed with activating your Walmart Card (a similar process to beginning a Citi Balance Transfer).

What People Are Saying About the Walmart Capital One Card

Andrea L.  – To be honest, they had me at 5% back at Walmart.  Everything after that is just icing on the cake!

Jake F. – The transition process wasn’t all that bad and I am once again earning plenty of cash back.  Just glad to have my card back in action.

Benny P.  – I’ve always liked those Capital One commercials so kinda happy about it.

In case you need help with your Walmart Capital One Login

  • You can change to language at the top right of the screen (English or Spanish)
  • Forgot your login info?  Click that link located below the activation options!
  • Need some personal assistance?  Check out the numbers below for Capital One customer service.

Walmart Capital One Card Reviews from Around the Web

Robin from Nerd Wallet – “If you shop online, the rewards are among the best in its class.”

Note from Editor at Wallet Hub – “best for people with good or excellent credit who frequently shop at Walmart, especially, and live near a location with an attached gas station.”

Holly from The Balance – “The Capital One Walmart Rewards Card offers generous and surprisingly flexible rewards that are valuable for Walmart shoppers.”