Buyers agents are essential when entering the Brisbane property market. A buyer’s agent in Brisbane gives you an edge in the competitive property market and makes the property purchase process much easier for home buyers and property investors alike.

However, when you hire the best Brisbane buyers agency, they will probably ask you to sign an agreement before they help you find your new home or investment property. And before signing this agreement, it’s important to understand what it means and what it outlines.

That way, you don’t end up signing a contract that you don’t agree with.

So, let’s take a look at the agreements that most Brisbane buyer’s agents ask you to sign. Below, we’ll explain what a buyers agent agreement is, what it includes, and whether or not you should sign it.

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What Is a Buyers Agency Agreement?

Buyers Agent, Brisbane

When you hire a buyers agent, Brisbane, they will ask you to sign a specific agreement that outlines your relationship with the agent. This is an essential part of hiring a Brisbane buyers agency as it puts into writing all of the details of your relationship with your buyer’s agent and the services that they will provide.

While it might seem intimidating, buyers agents agreements are pretty easy to understand once you get through the basics. And before you sign the contract with the buyers agent, Brisbane, you need to make sure that you understand all the details and contents of the agreement. That way, whether you’re local to the market or international buyers, both you and the buyers agent, Brisbane, have security.

This protects you and also allows you to ground your expectations on the services that the Brisbane buyers agent offers. That said, there are quite a few things that experienced buyers agents put in their agreement that we’ll get into in the next section. You can read a good post on tips for buying best properties in Australia at

What Do Buyers Agents Include in the Agreement?

If you aren’t sure what services your buyer’s agent offers, and how they can help you throughout the buying process, the buyer’s agent agreement should clarify that. A well-written Brisbane buyer’s agent agreement should include all the details of the services that the buyer’s agent will provide, including their duties, exclusivity, and their fees.

Most experienced Brisbane buyers agents require their clients to sign a contract before they offer their services. This protects both the buyer’s agent and the client from any misunderstandings later on.

So, let’s get into the different details that you will find in a typical Brisbane buyers agents’ agreement.

The Buyers Agent’s Duties

 Buyers Agent's Duties

One of the most important aspects of a Brisbane buyer’s agent agreement is the duties and services that your agent will provide. To start, it should state that your agent will represent you throughout the entire process of entering the Brisbane property market.

Some other responsibilities of the buyer’s agent that might be stated in the contract include finding you the right property for your needs, giving you access to off-market properties, negotiating the price with the real estate agent, and assisting you when entering the Brisbane real estate market.

This is how Brisbane buyer’s agents set expectations with their clients. When reviewing this section of your contract with your agent, it’s the perfect time to set realistic expectations. Feel free to ask them for more details about their duties and what their services include. That way, you understand exactly what you’re paying for.

Term of Contract

Another crucial aspect of the buyers agency agreement is the term of the contract. This basically states how long you and the agent will maintain a working relationship. Typically, this will include the entire property search, negotiation process, contract reviews, and closing of the deals. So, an average buyers agent contract term is around 90 days.

However, you can always negotiate this with the agent. As long as you and your agent agree on the terms, they can be as long or as short as you want. That said, if you aren’t satisfied with your agent’s services, waiting out the term length is the easiest way to get out of the contract. So, make sure to really think hard before signing longer agreements.

Termination Details

If ever you want to terminate or end the contract with your agent early, the initial agreement irons out all the termination details. This basically lays out all the steps of ending the relationship if either party wants out. It should include termination grounds, how it should occur, as well as if there’s any compensation for the termination (if necessary).

Contract terminations can get complicated. This is why we advise against hiring friends or family members to represent your best interests during your next property purchase. You can learn more about contract termination by clicking here


When you hire an agent to help you when buying property in the Brisbane property market, the agreement usually lays out the exclusivity terms with the agent. Basically, this states whether or not you can work with other agents when buying property throughout the contract’s term.

If you go through a Brisbane buyers agency, you don’t have to worry about having to stick with your agent if things go south. With most agencies, you can request an agent that’s a better fit for your needs when entering the local Brisbane market. learn more about Brisbane Buyer Agency at

Property Description

Your agent is there to help you find the ideal property for your needs. Whether you want a dream home or a particular property to develop as an investment, the best buyer’s agents will be able to find what you need. And when you sign the agreement, there’s usually a description of your dream property to clarify exactly what you’re looking for,


A buyer’s agent in Brisbane helps you enter the local market. They negotiate with sales agents to ensure you buy property at the right price, speak to the selling agent about off-market properties, and work hard to find you an amazing property that fits your needs.

That said, you will have to pay for these services. In the agreement, the agent will also list down exactly how much their services will cost you. So, make sure to go through this section thoroughly before signing.

Conclusion – Should You Sign the Buyer’s Agent Agreement?

A good buyers agent, Brisbane, can help you find the perfect property. They have an extensive network of real estate agents in various property markets, have great negotiating skills, and can speak on the buyer’s behalf throughout the whole process. Whether you want to find a family home or investment property, you’ll need a good agent.

But before hiring an agent, make sure to read through their agreement and understand all the details. That way, you know exactly what you’re getting into!